Manta stolen in Germany(Saxony)

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Manta stolen in Germany(Saxony)

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Hello CZ Opel enthusiasts.
Recently a Manta got stolen in Germany a few weeks ago. Due Saxony isnt that far away from CZ i decided to post it here too.

If anyone of you people saw this car please let @manta_club_sachsen on instagram know! ... lwc3F6c3hm <- Link to Instagram Post
"- GSI seats in almost new condition
- a very rare Zastrow lip
- valve cover with 80s bumper car paint
- Schroth belts
- trunk with ice beech wood interior
- MIM rims, painted gold
- mega rare paint job in terms of color
- Lexmaul sports exhaust with manifold
- yellow KONI chassis
- tailgate without lock (ultra rare)
- glass sunroof
- last but not least, there is also a certain spot on the body where the car can be unmistakably recognized - more about this in the appraisal"

Thank you!

Best Regards,


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